Post 3: Are Vegans healthier?

Are Vegans Healthier?

Short Answer: It depends. However, being vegan does NOT automatically make you healthier than someone who consumes meat/meat byproducts.


1. Junk Food. Most processed foods - breakfast cereals, chips, breakfast bars, cakes, cookies (foods with ingredients we don't recognize or know) are all totally "acceptable" within a vegan diet.


2. "Faux/Mock meats" (meat alternatives). Pumped with preservatives, high sodium (Impossible burger), soy based (Tofu) or derived from gluten (Seitan) - which all come with an array of cautions for the consumer to be aware of.


3. Overconsumption. Besides poor food choices, most people who are struggling with healthy nutrition are simply overeating.

Taking meat products/byproducts out of the equation simply shifts the lens to another item on the menu. If that shift goes to fruits and vegetables, great! But for some vegans it doesn't and the likelihood of the new choice isn't any better, it's just different.


4. Alcohol. Packed with “empty” (no nutritional benefit) calories and bodily harm agents needed to impede your efforts of being healthier but not your efforts to remain vegan.

At the end of the day, your main objective should be improving your relationship with food. Maybe Veganism is for you - but you shouldn’t feel inferior if it isn’t and you shouldn’t feel superior if it is.

With conscious efforts and professional assistance - you can discard popularized diets and biased food laws in order to customize a sustainable healthier diet for YOU.

Barrington B