Post 4: Do you Curtsy Lunge?


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Disclaimer: “Most exercises are not inherently bad, issues arise because of the improper implementation of exercises.”

Despite my usual disclaimer, I’ve yet to find any justification for implementing the Curtsy Lunge. This is because the Curtsy Lunge puts your knee in a really dangerous position for NO justifiable reason at all. It provides no unique or added benefit in muscle gain, fat loss, your “inner thighs”, a better booty, etc.

A lot of the exercises you see, especially on social media, are unique in order to keep you engaged but they are NOT assessing the risk of injury involved. This is particularly true in regards to the curtsy lunge.

Let’s dissect:

As you step back into the curtsy lunge and shift your weight in one direction you MUST:

1. Have the control to stabilize the working knee.

2. Have the strength to keep the knee straight.

3. Have the mobility to move in said range of motion strictly.

(And a few other factors)

Problem is, most people (even some professional athletes) DO NOT have the ability to execute at least 1 of those requirements. Thus, you’ve now placed an unforgettable torque on your knee.

“But B, I've been doing Curtsy Lunges and I’m fine…” - I say "unforgettable" because most training injuries don't occur in the gym. Your body is resilient - it will twist, turn, bend, pull, shear and torque in ways not good for you. However, after enough risk-full repetitions, one day you decide to simply hop off a bar stool at happy hour and…injured.

Count your blessings if you’ve been doing curtsy lunges and remove it from your program.

As an alternative: A reverse lunge, a forward lunge and/or a lateral lunge are BETTER and SAFER lunge variations to implement.

Barrington BComment