Born and raised in New York, Barrington has been avid and passionate about health and fitness his entire life. In 2008, after graduating from Stony Brook University and successfully completing his Nationally Accredited Personal Trainer Certification, Barrington immediately began helping people change their lives as a Certified Personal Trainer, quickly excelling to a top tier trainer at private clubs and fitness centers around NYC, including Equinox. In 2010, Barrington founded #BeTheBetter Wellness Services.

#BTB gives focus to helping individuals consistently improve through physical and mental wellness services. Whether it’s one-on-one personal training, duo, semi-private training, FitCamps across the globe, educational seminars and much more, Barrington’s #BTB brand has become a motivating and influential phrase in thousands of lives.


"Better than yesterday, even better tomorrow. But above all, 100% present today."

-Barrington B.